Why Natural Soaps?

Why Natural Soaps?

We can simply answer this question saying because natural products are always better. However, let’s talk about the differences and benefits of the natural soaps. 

  • First, natural soaps, like ours, are free of synthetic preservatives like paraben and sulphates. Instead, natural soaps may contain natural preservatives like Rosemary Oleoresin Extract (ROE) or Vitamin E oil. In the other hand, they have shorter shelf life than the conventional soap bars. Let’s think about this, what happens when you buy an organic produce? Have you seen that organic food trend to spoil faster? Right? One reason is because of the amounts of preservatives and waxes used in conventional produce. Therefore, this is why commercial soap bars can last multiple years on stock due to the use of synthetic preservatives.
  • Second, natural soaps do not contain synthetically created fragrances. Although, these fragrances are long lasting and consistent on each soap batch, also are created with a mix of chemicals, resins, extracts, synthetic oils, and other products. In the other hand, natural scent soap bars will only be formulated with a mix of 100 percent pure essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from different parts of plants by several type of methods (e.g., steam or water distillation, cold prese extractions). However, the aroma fades more quickly as it will evaporate, and sometimes unpredictable react and the scent may vary each time. Furthermore, the essential oils are commonly use for aromatherapy and is associated with the wealth been of the human mind, body, and spirit. Example: Lavender oil, associated with relaxation and stress relief.   
  • Third, are highly moisturizing since commercial produced soap trend to exclude glycerin, since it’s extracted during the soap making process and sold or used as a bio-product to produce moisturizing products. 
  • Forth, is better for the environment. Natural soap is not animal tested as cosmetical soaps. In our case we select the best quality products while been environmentally friendly. That is one of the main reasons we avoid using palm oil due to the environmental impact to our rainforest and indigenous people.

Finally, there are other many reasons of why natural soap is going to be better than mass-produced commercial soaps. We hope you fall in love with ours! 

Sending lots of love, 

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